**Update, Jack Howard-Potter New Work from 2011: Chrome!**

By Jack Howard-Potter|January 4, 2012artwork, event, news

Welcome to steelstatue.com, the website for sculptor Jack Howard-Potter.  With this update you will find a collection of photographs highlighting sculptures created in 2011.  These works are smaller in scale than many of his previous works, but retain the wonderful balance of movement and solid anatomy that is inherent in all of Jack’s work.  With this work, Jack has also started to finish pieces as he has envisioned in his mind’s eye for years – with chrome plating.  In 2011, Jack chose to focus on smaller works in this exploration of the human form, due to the technical challenges of chrome plating steel.   These small pieces will serve as stepping stones to fully realizing larger works finished in chrome in the future.

Please visit the Gallery and click on the New Work 2011 section to see this stunning array of smaller pieces finished in chrome.

Also visit the webpage of the photographer Tim Townsend  who did an amazing job of photographing these sculptures.

Thanks for visiting and follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.  Enjoy!