Throw Back Thursday: 2008 Goliath Sculpture Unwrapped in Naples Florida

By Jack Howard-Potter|January 30, 2014event, news

In keeping with my recent post about getting in on the Throw Back Thursday craze here is a  picture of a sculpture installation from 2008.

It is a monumental figurative steel sculpture titled: Goliath (for Mr. Palumbo), 99″ x 59″ x 96″, 2008.

This photograph was taken during the installation of the sculpture at the IAG Galleries in Naples Florida.

You can see more images of this work in my Gallery.


Goliath (for Mr. Palumbo), galvanized and powder coated steel, 99″ x 59″ x 96″, 2008 
Goliath Sculpture

Goliath (for Mr. Palumbo), 99″ x 59″ x 96″, 2008