Jack Howard-Potter Spring Shows 2015

I have been very busy installing new sculptures in Georgia, Virginia, Kansas, Florida and Massachusetts; with Chicago, Long Island City and Colorado soon to be joining the list.  I hope you have a chance to see some of my work in these locations; a complete list of new shows can be found at the bottom of this email. […]

Installations Popping up in Georgia, Virginia and Florida!

Winged Glory FLOSC 2015

Things have been very busy lately with Installations Popping up in Georgia, Virginia and Florida! I just returned from installing sculptures in Suwanee, GA and Roanoke, VA.  I was thrilled with the placement of the pieces and quality of both exhibitions. Dancer XX was installed as part of the new round of sculptures going up for Suwanee GA […]

Sculptures Featured on Yahoo! News!

Jack Howard-Potter Sculptures Featured on Yahoo! News! Take some time today and look through this great slideshow of my sculptures.  The figures seen here represent a  ten-year span of my career (2004 through 2014). You can clearly see my continued interest in the figure over this time, as well as the different ways I have depicted the anatomy and musculature. […]

Dancer XX Dream & ArtPrize Installation Video

Have you ever dreamed about doing something huge? I made a twenty foot tall kinetic figurative steel sculpture that flows with the wind. Check it out in this Dancer XX Dream and ArtPrize Installation Video!!! About half a year ago, in April 2014, I had a vision to build a twenty foot tall kinetic figurative […]

Amazing Photography of The Muse


I was pleasantly surprised when I received some amazing photography of The Muse at the Southern Vermont Arts Center today.  Ali emailed me through my Facebook page and posted some incredible pictures she took last night of The Muse in the darkness of the moon!  The results are a stunning set of images that make […]