Installation – Sculptures Appear & Disappear


Ever wonder how sculptures appear and disappear seemingly by magic?  Well take a look behind the curtain and watch this time lapse video of the installation of a show I did back in May as part of the Long Island City Arts Open. You will get a glimpse into how the works go together modularly to […]

Pulling III installed in Leonia New Jersey!!

Pulling III Leonia NJ

My sculpture Pulling III has been installed in Leonia, New Jersey as part of the Sculpture for Leonia program. Take a quick trip out of Manhattan and go over the George Washington Bridge to visit the lovely town of Leonia New Jersey. Pulling III has landed in a little gem called the Erika and David Boyd Sculpture Garden located […]

Nereid Sculpture 2009: Two Views, In Progress vs. Finished – My Process

Nereid Sculpture

This is one of my favorite sculptures. It was made as a commission for a patron in Florida who went so far as to request a very specific pose and theme for the sculpture. At first I was a bit skeptical about taking direction from him on the look and design of one of my sculptures. As an artist I have always felt I should make what I need to make and what I want people to see, then show it to the world. I never wanted to fit my vision into someone else’s box and be constrained by the ‘eyes’ of someone else. But after a few long phone conversations about pose, theme, design and look I got comfortable with this clients vision and actually enjoyed the process of collaboration.

Jack Howard-Potter Radio Interview from 2013

Craig LaCourt Portrait 2013

About a year ago I did a very fun interview with an old college friend Jesse Shafer and his partner Greg McHale for their New York centric website On the Real.  They approached me about a series they were doing  uncovering interesting new yorkers telling their stories.  I had done many interviews for television but […]

Long Island City Arts Open 2014

Long Island City Arts Open 2014

I am excited to once again be involved in Long Island City Arts Open 2014  (LICAO) with the presentation of two large-scale kinetic sculptures in a group show at The Gotham Center! The show at The Gotham Center is titled: Go Figure and includes 14 artists who all draw inspiration from the figure as a starting […]